Probability Calculator

50%, 65%, 20, 23, 99, 50.5%?
The game is not just blood and luck. It’s also skill, so if you want to step up your game you need to reduce your risk. To assist even the most astute player is a probability calculator designed specifically by a blood bowl player. My favourite kid on the block is the SAMBA Action Calculator.

Before you say an outright no, would you want your accountant without a calculator when working out your profit and taxes?

Unless you’re a statistician by birth, these tools help. Calculators are allowed in Maltese tournaments. They are actually encouraged as long as you stick to the allowed timeframe. Admittedly they can drain some fun out of the spontaneity of the game – the occasional (or frequent) madness of fouling or going for it when you know you shouldn’t! However I thoroughly recommend for training and also those occasional moves that are not so clear cut.

Just keep in mind how many times it crossed your mind that a double skull will not happen and then you get a quadruple skull? The probability is ONE in 1296. It probably happens to you more often than that because NUFFLE is not one to meddle with.

Well in that case you don’t need a calculator but a hex removing ritual which many of you know you need!

Did you ever notice it is smiling, in your face?