New Captain appointed for Euro Bowl 2020

The new captain for the Poland Euro Bowl to be held in 2020 has been appointed. It is with great pleasure that the Maltese Blood Bowl Federation presents Mr Andrew “Rone” Ciarlo’ as the new captain. He is a very well known and a greatly respected figure in local gaming circles. His experience, leadership and strategic expertise will be a great asset to the upcoming team that is yet to be chosen.

How long have you been playing tabletop games and Blood Bowl specifically?

I have been playing tabletop games for the past 22 years. I started playing Blood Bowl late in my gaming career.  I have been playing league games for the past ten years ago and discovered the joy of Blood Bowl tournaments in the past 3 years.  

What would be 3 aspects you enjoy most from the hobby?

I am a bit of a theorist . I love to analyze the game in depth, learn the statistics of the game using the mathematics that can aid the strategic choices.  This I do to learn how to avoid the biases that we tend to acquire. 

After that discussing lists/squads, analyzing metas and constructing lists/squads is what I enjoy spending most of my hobby time on.

Third place is gaming itself!

Recently you’ve been playing a lot of Underworld Denizens, how do you feel with such a different roster than what you’re used to with Norse? 

The norse are savage and unforgiving.  They can steam roll the opposition or be steamrolled, are fun to play with and were my first race in Bloodbowl.  As such they will always hold a special place for me. 

However Underworld Denizens have a vast repertoire of skills and a variable playstyle, which can be adapted to various situations. You can play for the ball, get yourself out of a scrum or can troll your opponent no end.  (Editor’s note: trolling is not exclusively for the Melis)

One memorable moment from all the matches you’ve played? 

Choosing one moment is extremely difficult. However killing a Strength 4 Wardancer with my Sand Serpents during a league is a definite highlight!

Tournaments or Leagues?


Do you feel prepared for the World Cup in Dornbirn? What are your expectations?

I feel adequately prepared and my team is also raring to go.  How well prepared compared to other teams I’m not sure, especially when one considers the top contenders.  We have some talent amongst the Maltese players and most have been improving in their experience and knowledge, so my expectations are cautiously optimistic.

You will be the Maltese Eurobowl Captain for Poland 2020 – how does this make you feel?

Apprehensive! The previous captain has achieved great results (although with top notch freebooter coaches).

Rumor has it that next year you will not need freebooters, what values/skills/abilities will you be looking for your in your selection?

Players that have a good knowledge of the game, that work well together, help each other and show dedication. I will also be taking into account experience and results.  

Have you decided if you intend to play or be the 9th man? If you intend to play, will you be looking for a 9th man to support the squad?

I definitely want a 9th player. My experience in the European Team Championships of 40k pushes me to say that its better for me to be the 9th player but since match ups are not a thing in the Euro Bowl (to my disappointment), I am not yet sure.

What do you hate most, Double Skulls or Snake Eyes? 

Having played more tabletop with d6 than with block dice, it has to be snake eyes.

Roxanna or Karla? 

Well mathematically Karla is harder to put down but in reality it has to be Roxanna both to play with and against!