2019 Blood Bowl National League

9th May 2019 is a special day for all the Maltese Blood Bowl coaches. National League Coordinator – Gregory Pizzuto (MetalMalta) has launched the long-awaited National Blood Bowl League for 2019.

Many coaches are spreading rumors about the significance of the launch. Dwarf coaches are saying that 9th May is in celebration of the anniversary of Victory day when in year 2145 the Orc-zis were completely banished. A little known fact is that they were soon respawned by Gork and Mork, upon insistence of Nuffle who needed their intervention to complete that year’s league.

Another theory that is endorsed by Elven coaches is that the 9th May symbolizes the birth of the great Blood Bowl historian Gregory of Nazianzus. . Coincidentally holds the same namesake as the organizer. The historian was well hated by the Orcs as his bias against Orcs was reknown, He famously omitted to mention the famous Goblin buggery ritual before the start of their games in his Blood Bowl history books. This ritual eventually died off for reasons unknown.

The last theory purported by the chaotic teams currently led by Nurgle, is that the 9th May is the 1000th anniversary from theassassination of then human Abdal-Latif Mirza
– direct descendent of the first Khemri coach. He was allegedly poisoned by a witch elf who spiked his wine with troll blood. Little she expected he soon became a fully fledged celebrated Khemri coach.

What is the real reason behind the choice of the 9th May as the official launch?