Carnage Bowl at Gold on Dice

30th November 2019 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Montek Kristo, Siggiewi
Jean Mark Meli

Team Creation:
Danish ATV rules will be used.


A modified kick-off table for Carnage Bowl will be used.

2: Where’s the Ref?: The ref is no where to be seen! Probably too scared to go into the pitch! For the rest of the drive, gain a bribe which works automatically.

3: Coach brawl: The trash talking of both coaches got nasty and resulted into a bloody Coach on Coach fist fight! Each coach roll a
d6+FAME(To see if any fans help!). The losing coach leaves the pitch this drive,being unable to argue the call, and loses a team re-roll. If the fight’s a tie, both coaches waste the rest
of the drive arguing with each other. Apply the same effect above to both coaches.

4: Strength of a Troll
The kicking team has just kicked off and looks at one of their players.. they have sneaked in a troll’s blood potion. A random player from the kicking’s team gets Strength 5 and Really Stupid for d3 + fame turns. If player is already strength 5 then roll for random player again.

5: Popped ball: BOOM!..What was that?…the ball just popped in mid air! The receiving team starts their first turn with no ball on the pitch! The ref throws in a ball at the receiving team at start
of the kicking team’s turn!(Scatter from center)

6: Cheering Fans – Unchanged
7: Changing Weather – Unchanged
8: Brilliant Coaching – Unchanged

9:Flying Chainsaw! : Some loony fan throws a chainsaw into the reviving team’s side of the pitch! Roll 1d6 and 1d8 from the center of the
pitch to see where the chainsaw lands. Do not scatter the chainsaw(Chainsaws don’t bounce). Place a token to mark where the chainsaw landed. If the chainsaw lands on a
player roll an armor roll +3 for that player.

10: Blood lust: One player from the receiving team is a little bit too bloodthirsty then the rest of his time! The receiving team’s coach picks any player, that player gets a free activation
before the ball hits the ground! During the activation, that player gains horns, claw and might blow!

11 Bombs Away!: An enraged fan hurls a large bomb at one of the players on the opposing team. Each coach rolls a D6 and adds their
FAME (see page 18) to the roll. The fans of the team that rolls higher are the ones that threw the bomb. In the case of a tie a bomb is thrown at each team! Decide randomly which player in the other team this was targeted at (only players on the pitch are eligible) and roll for that player and any players around him. On a 4+ roll an injury roll.

The fans are growing tired of this fancy pansy game, and want to see blood! The fans start throwing all sorts of weaponry into the pitch, from spikes, to baseball bats! To represent this, all players for the rest of the game have -1 AV value. (Yes, this effect stacks every-time it triggers!)

Games – 3 matches

09:00 – 09:30 Registration
09:30 – 12:00 Round 1
12:00 – 12:30 Break
12:30 – 15:00 Round 2
15:00 – 17:30 Round 3
17:30 – 18:00 Standings announcements

Food in form of Pasta Buffet and free drink will be provided included with registration cost. For more information regarding the tabletop gaming con from Gold on Dice visit their facebook page.